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NOW ENROLLING!! PEERS Group For Teens Ages 13-18.
Starts June 26th 4:30pm-6pm


About Us

Best Life ABA is a family-owned and locally run ABA and social skills provider in San Diego, CA. As parents ourselves, we know that everyone wants their children to be able to live their best lives, develop meaningful friendships, and feel happy and fulfilled.

Best Life uses evidence-based ABA techniques to teach and reinforce new skills so that your child can be part of your community, make friends, and live a healthy and productive life. We specialize in the Verbal Behavior approach and we strive to create programs that promote assent and center on your child’s motivation.

Committed To Our Community

At Best Life, our mission is to connect children and teens with social difficulties, help them to reach their desired goals, and enable them to access their communities to the fullest.